Food Truck


Something Different

A food truck is perfect to create a laid-back picnic or festival atmosphere. If you are looking to inject some fun into your reception and to create a fabulous relaxed occasion, food trucks are ideal.

Your guests mingle in a cocktail party style layout with a range of seating options, such as bar stools around wine barrels, or cosy picnic settings with rugs and blankets and low tables. You might like a couple of bench seats with rustic wooden tables, or white table cloths with comfortable dining chairs on the deck and lawn. Our garden area and lawn with lush greenery and picturesque views is the perfect spot to enjoy your outdoor celebration.

For any of your guests that find an outdoor event uncomfortable, such your elderly guests, we always put some tables and chairs indoors. Great for people who prefer to eat indoors or need a quieter spot and temperature-controlled environment. Not everyone can prop on a stool or bench seat, or get down to a picnic rug, so a range of seating options ensures that everyone can make themselves comfortable and enjoy their meal. We can work out all these logistics and more, including a wet weather plan, when we plan your food truck event. We’ll help you create the event you are dreaming of and make sure all your guests have what they need to enjoy it too.

So Many Choices!

Pick your favourite cuisine and really personalise your wedding. Depending on your budget and number of guests, you might even consider two food trucks. Dessert anyone? Picture a little hand cart serving gelati, or pancakes. There are some very cute and fun options available. They’ll not only add delicious desserts to your menu, they’ll also provide fabulous photo opportunities.

The best food trucks are used to catering for a diverse crowd and can look after your guests dietary requirements – vegetarian, vegan, gluten free options and guests with allergies.

By the way, don’t leave your food truck booking to the last minute. They are in high demand, so get in early and secure your choice.

While your food truck takes care of the food, we take care of the drinks. Choose either an all-inclusive beverage package or a bar tab and your guests will enjoy a great range of beers, ciders and our own excellent Bulong Estate range of wines.

How Does a Food Truck Wedding Work?

We have a great space for a food truck style event. We park the truck at the end of our path so there isn’t far for guests to go as they are collecting their food. This also ensures the food truck has easy access to power, our kitchen and cool room, if needed. If you would prefer your guests not to collect their food many trucks offer the option of service staff to hand food around or deliver to tables.

Depending on the style of food you have chosen there may be a range of single use plates, bowls and cutlery that will need to be disposed of. Ask your food truck about reducing waste, such as wood fired pizza being put on wooden boards instead of pizza boxes. It adds a little bit of style to your event while being environmentally friendly. There may also be options to use bamboo or paper instead of plastic. At Bulong Estate we will recycle and dispose of rubbish for you, all inclusive of the hire fee, so no need to worry.

We really enjoy hosting food truck weddings. With their fun festival style atmosphere, variety of culinary offerings and the way they allow guest to relax in the outdoors making the most of the views and nature all around them. What’s not to love?