The Yarra Valley’s Premier
Multicultural Wedding Venue

Looking for an elegant boutique winery with breath-taking views for your cultural wedding? At Bulong Estate, we love seeing how each culture celebrates love and a wedding union. We enjoy hosting cultural celebrations and welcome all weddings – Buddhist, Hindu, Indian, Sri Lankan, African, or Asian. Whether it’s with sacred fire, garland exchanges, ancient Vedic scriptures, purifying rituals, decorated floral altars, traditional dancing with drumming and singing. We can’t wait to see how your family and religion’s cultures and traditions are uniquely incorporated into your ceremony.

Beautiful Cultural Wedding Traditions
& Religious Ceremonies

What elements will you weave into your special day – will you have a mandap or entrance gates, traditional décor or exquisite accessories with Zardosi work that encapsulate your culture? You may want more time at Bulong Estate for a longer ceremony or to have elements of the ceremony in the morning, often a requirement for Sri Lankan or Indian weddings, and absolutely, let us arrange that for you.

However you decide to design your day, we are here to make your vision a reality – there’s nothing more amazing for us than to be able to help you have the wedding you want.

We focus on not only giving you a magical day, but also on offering you the best support and help in the lead up to your wedding day. When things get stressful, we’re here to help.

Wedding Menus Reflecting You

Our amazing caterers at Essential Catering and Events will love creating a menu for you bringing together delicious flavours and sumptuous dishes that are a great reflection of the two of you. Or if you have your own caterers you would prefer to work with, just let us know. All is possible.

If you are from different backgrounds and are having a multi cultural wedding, why not bring your cultures together on the day through the fusion of food you serve your guests – creating your very own unique menu for your wedding day with culinary elements from both your heritages – enjoying some familiar tastes, while exploring a new cuisine.